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$10.00 AUD

Righto corelords, I understand some of you couldn't cough up the $50 for a shirt. Times are tough in this scorched economy and I too have endured my leaner years as a centrelink dependant reprobate.

But Core and ZION wetsuits have something for the low socio-ecomonic market. for $10 you buy yaself a legit original SURFCORE2001 2 Sticker Pack AND the chance to win an official surfcore2001 endorsed neoprene sheath -the Zion Wetsuits "CORELORD". An all 2mm all black no bullshit wettie we co-designed to fight the subtropical winter. RRP is $349.95.

Capping it a 200 entries and its all going to WIRES. This is your povvo way of helping our aussie fauna so tap in! Winner will be announced ASAP after the 200th sticker pack is bought.

Also be patient I have to get the stickers printed. haha.

Goodluck lords.